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It's high Event/Wedding Season! Before you know it, you need to kick into high gear, plan your event, and pin up your ideas on Pinterest. Well, here's a reality check: designing/decorating an event is not all fun, fun, fun as many think, especially when you try to decide which and what kind of theme, color, fabric, texture, accent, furniture, linen, height, width, etc... Oh, don't forget your budget and STAY with your limits, no matter how much eye candy you're consuming! Feeling a little bit overwhelmed? That's where you can hire a professional -- an accredited event designer like me as your expert in extreme room/venue transformations. After all, you still can let your event planner and other vendors focus on your event planning and logistics. After all, it's your day to rejoice, not worry! Contact me and let's start planning!

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It's your day to rejoice, not worry!